LLM in Law and Business

RNCP Certification level 7 «Business Lawyer»


 Eligibility: Open to Law graduates

Duration: 9 months

Rhythm: October to June

Language: Full english program

Tuition: 15 900 € tax included. Tuition covers enrollment, internet and library access, study materials and student fees. In addition, students should plan for travel, accommodation and living expenses.

Training site: Ecole HEAD, 120 rue La Fayette, 75010 Paris

Academic calendar: further information will be communicated on 20th of july 2024.

  • October 2024 intake : from October 2024 to the end of June/beginning of July 2025

  • January 2025 intake : from Tuesday, January, 2025 to the end of 2025

About our LLM

Our LLM in Law and Business program is open to students from all over the world who have successfully completed a graduate degree in law. This program is offered entirely in English. Practical and interdisciplinary, our program provides students with the tools they need to succeed in the competitive environment of international business law.The LLM in Law and Business Program is comprised of a wide range of classes aimed at providing students with the rich mix of technical and non-technical skills necessary to a successful legal career in the international business environment.

These courses have been carefully selected not only to enhance the student’s professional readiness, but also to satisfy the requirements necessary to obtain the certification of the Répertoire National de Certifications« RNCP »), the French governmental authority responsible for certifying professional educational programs in France. The RNCP certification «Business Lawyer», Level 7 « Juriste d’affaires », niveau 7) is registered at the RNCP under number 36627


  • Familiarize yourself with different legal systems

  • Acquire an understanding of the global business world

  • Prepare yourself for a professional environment

  • Gain a competitive edge over your peers

  • Develop your network

  • Discover a different culture


Competences and skills-set

  • Professional Experience
  • Research memoir
  • Legal Research and French Methodology
  • Contract Management
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Contract Drafting in English
  • American Business
  • Associations
  • The Fundamentals of the Corporate Duty of Vigilance
  • Moot Court in Arbitration
  • International Commercial and Investment Arbitration
  • Mediation
  • The Art of Persuasion
  • English and French Communication Skills Mentorship and
  • Professional Development Marketing for Lawyers
  • Conducting an Efficient Business Strategy
  • Reading Financial Statements and Financial Analysis in the Anglo-Saxon World
  • Leadership and Management

    Business law

    • International Contract Law
    • French Contract Law
    • Acquisition Contracts
    • Industrial Property in the Digital Age: Patents, Licenses and
    • Building an IP Portfolio M&A and IP
    • Data and the Law
    • Competition and the Regulation of the Telecom Industry
    • Litigation in the Digital Sector
    • International Tax Strategies
    • Merger Control, Cartels and Abuse of a Dominant Position
    • M&A Transactions


      The assessment of the various modules in the BUSINESS LAW AND PRACTICE MASTERS degree consists of a wide variety of assessments, spread evenly over all the weeks of the semester and for all the courses, with the aim of reinforcing the formative dimension of the assessments and giving feedback on the assessments an important role in student progress.

      Assessment is by :

      Continuous assessment for each module (written work, MCQs, group or individual research projects, individual or group oral presentations).
      Certifying tests to assess skills blocks (professional dissertation, group or individual case studies, group or individual role-playing exercises).
      The host company also assesses the learner’s skills (apprenticeship master booklet).
      Adaptation of the training program:

      Partial validation of the qualification by skill block is possible. No bridging between our different certifications.

      Teaching methods for the LLM program

      Find out more about the teaching methods applied for the LLM programme in the Pédagogie menu!

      To obtain the RNCP certification of “Business Lawyer”, Level 7 (« Juriste d’affaires », niveau 7)

      To obtain the HEAD diploma, students must have successfully completed at least 60 ECTS credit hours.

      To obtain the RNCP « Juriste d’affaires » certification, level 7, 36627, the student must, by virtue of the courses taken, professional experience and professional dissertation, be credited with each of the required competencies and skills.

      Students must successfully complete all 5 competency blocks.

      Accessibility for disabled people: yes

      You can contact our disability advisor to express your specific needs:

      Find out more about our disability-related measures and specificities.

      • de meme pour la tuition: 15900 € tax included.

      • Academic calendar: a rajouter « further information will be communicated on 20th of july 2024 »
        Mettre le lien de la certification sous le titre RNCP Certification level 7 «Business Lawyer» dans la version french et english

      Our added values

      • Programs focused on both the Common Law and Civil Law Systems

      • Interdisciplinary curriculum (Law and Business Courses)

      • Practical courses and learning experiences (Law Clinic, Moot Court…)

      • Networking opportunities (including with mentors, almuni, lecturers…)

      • Diverse cultural and professionnal oppourtunities










      Professional opportunities









      • Legal Counsel
      • Contract Manager
      • Compliance Officer
      • General counsel
      • Legal Operation Manager
      • Data Protection Officer
      • Business Owner
      • Legal Tech Lawyer
      • Business Lawyer
      • Banking Lawyer

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